Adidas Sperstar


Sporty-elegant. Do you know what it means? Comfort! Don’t you think that going to work in such an outfit would be much more comfortable? :) You just need to have a pair of pumps or flats in the office and change Superstars for something more elegant when you arrive, and you’re done.

Do you know what I like most about this sporty-elegant outfits? It is this nonchalant chic. To make it even better I decided to put on a loose, long coat. :) Sometimes I wear my crease line trousers with New Balance instead of Superstars, or the most comfortable and the ugliest at the same time – Birkenstocks.

I wonder, do you like sporty-elegant style, and how do you like today’s outfit?

Adidas Sperstar Adidas Sperstar Adidas Sperstar